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Does Our Environment Determine Our Success?

I have always found this to be an interesting and relevant question to ask.

Let's face it, our immediate environment effects each and every one of us. By speaking of environment, I am talking about our surrounds, that is, the people, buildings, noises or sounds, and living conditions in our neighbourhoods.

This can be further broken-down into the standard-of-living of our immediate environments, or neighbourhood. For instance, whether we live in a poor, middle-class, or rich neighbourhood.

For someone living in an environment, or neighbourhood, surrounded by rich people, their primary concerns may be; the car they drive, the size of their house and growing their business and making lots of money. For someone living in a middle-class neighbourhood, their primary concerns may be; the security of their job and getting a raise and for someone living in a poor environment, or neighbourhood, their primary and only concern may be survival.

Whether we like it, or not, our environments have an effect on us, in some way, or another.

How we as individuals, cope, or respond to our environments, however, is an entirely different matter.

Growing-up, or living in a specific environment, does have an effect on us, however, it is not a determining factor as to the outcome of a person's life and does not determine whether a person makes a success, or failure of their life.

If this is the case, you may then ask, "What are the factors determining whether a person makes a success, or failure of their life?"

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Take Control Of Your Time, Take Control Of Your Life!

Do you ever feel like you are constantly chasing after time and that there aren't enough hours in the day in order to be able to complete all of your tasks, appointments and responsibilities?

Life, nowadays, is lived at a lightning-pace, added to this, because of technology and the advantages this brings; people are, not only more connected to each other, but are also trying to pack as much into their day as possible.

The advantages of technology, such as cell-phones and the internet, gives us the leverage of being able to do more, with less. When I say more, I am referring to business, family, personal tasks, personal appointments and socializing with friends and when I say less, I am referring to the fact that we can arrange and organize all of these things, in a relatively short amount of time.

The problem, however, lies not in the leverage this technology brings, (I personally think this technology has given myself and others, great advantages and benefits) the problem lies in managing the benefits this technology brings. As I previously stated; because of these benefits, people are trying to pack as much into their day, as possible.

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Fate versus Free Will

I personally, love the topic of fate versus free will and there have been many times in my life, as I'm sure there have been times in your life, when you have asked yourself the question; “Are we really in control of our lives?”.

Whilst this is not intended to be a religious debate, I will, however, be taking an holistic approach as I go about giving you my view-point in regards to this topic.

Firstly, I believe in God and that God has control over the destiny of humankind and the history of humankind on earth and that God is universal, or omnipresent. I also believe that nothing and no-one can go beyond the will of God in regard to his purpose for us. It is important for me to have stated this, as from now on, I am going to be referring to this topic on a personal level and not, in regards to humankind as a whole.

I think the best answer to this question, is yes and no.

Why do I say this?

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What Is and How Important Is a Transformation Approach?

A transformation approach is derived from the word transform, which is, as defined by the Oxford English dictionary; to change greatly in appearance or character. 

I will be focusing on the latter, that is, to change greatly in character. 

This characteristic, is of far greater importance, especially in relation to personal growth and perception, when it comes to the main topic of this article, that being, the subject of creating wealth, or wealth creation. 

At this stage, it is important for me to state, that when I refer to changing greatly in character, I am referring to changing one's perceptions, not one's personality. 

The reason most people are unable to grow, is because most people are unable, or unwilling, to change their perceptions. 

Perceptions, are what we believe to be real, for example; if a person thinks that becoming wealthy is far too difficult and complicated for them, then the chances are that they will never become wealthy – that will become their reality. 

In other words, what we believe to be real, becomes our reality. 

Wealthy people are able to challenge, change, control and expand their reality. When I say that they are able to expand their reality, I am saying that they are able to take what is outside of their reality and make it a part of their reality.

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What are the main causes of global warming?

The main causes of global warming have been well documented and covered in the media, however, this is at a basic surface-level, if you want to find out the true causes of global warming, you have to look beyond the obvious and below the surface. 

I will, however, be firstly explaining to you what “global warming” is; 

Global warming is the current rise in the average temperature of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere. It is also the increase of the Earth's average surface temperature. 

The main causes of global warming are due to the effect of increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to create electricity. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. Many pollutants are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gasses. Other forms of greenhouse gases are, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane.

Greenhouse gases trap heat and light from the sun in the Earth's atmosphere, which increases the temperature. 

Another cause of global warming, is deforestation, or the cutting down or burning of forests. Forests absorb carbon dioxide and trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth. This is a type of greenhouse effect

Trees are 50 percent carbon. When they are felled or burned, the CO2 they store escapes back into the air. Between 25 and 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere each year – 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide – is caused by deforestation. The most important direct causes of deforestation include logging, the conversion of forested lands for agriculture and cattle-raising, urbanization, mining and oil exploitation, acid rain and fire. 

Now that I have mentioned the main causes of global warming, I will tell you the true causes of global warming.

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