What are the main causes of global warming?

The true causes of global warming is the greed of opportunity seekers, constantly on the lookout for any opportunities to exploit. 

The constant need for energy to satisfy first-world countries and the Earth's growing human population has provided a huge opportunity for the above to exploit whatever, whoever and wherever they can, in order to profit. 

Most of the worlds’ problems are, in my opinion, created by greed, exploitation, ego, and people with hidden agendas, (which are veiled in smokescreens) and that are, in effect, lies disguised as truths.

Opportunity seekers” fit perfectly into this group, as they have all these personality traits and portray all these characteristics. They will usually do whatever it takes, in order to try to get rich, even if what they do is unethical and has serious effects and consequences on people and/or on our planet. 

The greed and lack of conscience of “opportunity seekers”, leads them to exploit people and/or the Earth's natural resources, in order that they may profit.

The exploitation of the Earth's natural resources by “opportunity seekers” has been one of the major causes in the upset of the balance of nature and in effect, of “global warming”.

Opportunity seekers”, however, should not be mistaken for “wealth creators”.

Wealth creators”, are ethical and care about people and the planet. “Wealth creators” may have an interest in the Earth's resources; however, they do not seek to exploit the Earth's resources.

I believe it is our duty and responsibility to look after this planet and this should not be left in the hands of “opportunity seekers” who exploit it, in order to profit.

It is, for this reason that I feel so strongly about conserving and protecting this planet, not only for this generation, but also, for future generations.

I will continue to support “green” issues, that is, the conservation and protection of our planet Earth.

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