Fate versus Free Will

Well, firstly, there are certain things in life, call them circumstances, call them situations, call them facts, that we are born into and inherit and for which, we can choose to believe, we have no control over. For instance; our family, our race, our religion, our sex, our nationality, our looks, our intelligence, our personal strengths (gifts and yes we all have them) and weaknesses, our living standards and income-class. All of these things affect, to a certain extent, who we are.

Why do I say, “To a certain extent.”?

I say this, because fate, as I see it, is not cast in stone.

I firmly believe that God gives each of us free will and because of this, we each have a direct and conscious say and affect, in how we walk the path of our life.

We can choose, therefore, to be victors or victims of the circumstances that life deals us. Whether we ultimately make a success of our lives, depends largely, upon ourselves.

Another way to view this, is to picture yourself in a large room. The room can signify your current situation, or circumstance. The room, however, has many closed doors for you to choose from, this is your free will. Each door leads to another room which, in turn, has more doors to choose from and each room has its own new and unique situation, or circumstance. For each action (opening a door), there is a reaction (a new room). We don't, however, have to leave the room we find ourselves in, although, even the lack of action, has a consequence, or reaction and not always a positive reaction.

In summary; our actions or lack of action, which are governed by our free will, has a direct effect on our lives and our eventual fate.

Unfortunately, many people view themselves as victims and not victors in their lives.

The same people view their current situation, as their permanent situation, in other words, as their fate. 

Please note, as I've stated in this article, we do have free will, in other words, we can change for the better and become victors and successful in our lives. 

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