Does Our Environment Determine Our Success?

Perseverance and grit, otherwise referred to as hard-work in any God-given talent, does play a part, although, another equally, if not more-important factor, determines what we eventually make of our lives and can best be summed-up by the word 'attitude'.

When I say 'attitude', I am referring to how we choose to view our lives. Do we view things in a positive way, regardless of the situations we find ourselves in, or do we choose to view things in a negative way. Now you may say, “hold on, sometimes it's impossible to view certain things in a positive way;” however, I disagree with that view. In my opinion there is always a positive take, even on a seemingly negative situation, or circumstance.

The way I see it is; in life there are people who have a positive attitude and see themselves as victors and there are those who see themselves as victims. If you see yourself as a victor, you cannot help but become successful in life, in whatever it is you do. On the other hand, if you have a negative attitude and see yourself as a victim, it doesn't matter what it is you choose to do, you will always find excuses and blame your situation and others for your shortcomings and as a result, will not make a success of your life.

In order to become a Wealth Creator and grow your wealth, you need to have the correct attitude to life; a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is important, however, you will also need the correct knowledge and skills, to become a Wealth Creator.

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