Are you getting the right advice on personal finance?

Whose advice are you taking on personal finance? 

Are you sure this advice, is in your best interest? 

One of the biggest financial mistakes you can make is to blindly trust an “expert”, in other words, a financial planner, or to blindly trust a financial institution with your money and future.

The reason I say this, is because most of the financial investments sold today, are sold on emotion and not on facts.

This is not surprising, as the facts are poor – so poor, that if financial investments were sold on facts only they would not sell well – facts cannot be manipulated!

Our emotions, however, can be manipulated – we are emotional beings, in other words, most of what we do is governed by our emotions!

The “experts” and financial institutions know this and use this knowledge against us.

The “experts” and financial institutions manipulate our emotions, whilst trying to sell us their packages, or products.

This is done, through financial planners, through the media and through advertising; where subtle messages are put across, all the time playing with and manipulating our emotions, in order to buy their products.

Try paying attention to this, when, for instance, you next see an advertisement for a financial institution, on television.

By becoming more aware of this, you can avoid falling into this trap!

If you are of the opinion that you can build wealth by trusting in the “experts”, or financial institutions advice and that you are getting the maximum growth on your investment through a financial institution, you are mistaken and are being misled.

The most important reason why you cannot build wealth by trusting in an “expert”, or a financial institution, is because they have a conflict of interest.

The financial institutions’ conflict of interest is between giving the growth on your money to you, or to their shareholders. Because of this conflict of interest, there are serious faults in what they are teaching and because 99% of people take their word as the truth, 99% of people never become wealthy.

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