The Best Paths To Wealth Creation

Property, has always been a major tool, used to create wealth. 

In the middle-ages, royalty used to own all of the land and “commoners” had to pay heavy taxes for use of this land. Much of their wealth was derived from this. Only the priests were allowed to own their land and were, therefore, exempt from paying these taxes. 

This resulted, in much resentment towards the royalty of the time and caused the “commoners” to eventually revolt against the royalty, as was the case in the French Revolution. 

As a result of this, royalty realised that they had to change, although, they obviously still wanted to protect their interests. 

Royalty, therefore, decided to allow “commoners” to own their land and property, however, in order to be able to own their land and property, they first had to buy the land from the royals and seeing that the royals could ask whatever price they deemed to be “fair” for the land, their wealth continued to grow even larger than before. 

Did you know that the words real estate come from the Spanish word “real”, which means “royal”? Therefore, the direct translation of real estate, is “royal estate”. The reason being, is that the royals controlled the money and wealth of land, whether they owned the land, or not. 

Today, although much has obviously changed, what hasn't changed, is that property is still one of the best paths, used to create wealth. 

Another path, used to create wealth, is trading in valuable resources. The merchants, in centuries past, traded in valuable resources and thereby, grew their wealth. They were the first people to introduce loans and the interest derived from it, which eventually led to the present-day banking system. 

The last of the paths to wealth creation that I will be touching on, is of equal, if not more importance than the others and that path, is being a business owner, or owning a business. 

This path, is by far, one of the best paths, used to create wealth. 

The business tycoons of the past, such as J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller, grew their wealth by starting their own businesses and by taking advantage of the opportunities of their time. 

Although they grew vast amounts of wealth, I do not, however, consider them to have been wealth creators, but rather, opportunity seekers. 

It is important to state that the opportunity seekers of that time, should be thought of as different, as of those of today, purely because of the times in which they lived, however, their basic causes of action, that of greed and exploitation, were similar, if not the same, as the opportunity seekers of today. 

It is therefore, important to note that one can be a business owner and create wealth, without being an opportunity seeker, or gambler. 

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