How would one best define a wealth creator?

Secondly, their relationships are built on trust and respect and therefore, their relationships are positive, good and long-lasting.

This makes perfect sense, as any relationships that lack trust and respect, simply cannot last.

Thirdly, wealth creators lead solid, stable and progressive lives.

They are not living grand, high-flying lives one day, and then down-and-out on the streets the next.

The main reason for this, is that wealth creators do not take risks and therefore, do not put themselves in situations where they stand the chance of losing everything.

Fourthly, wealth creators do not create their wealth by chance, by fortune, or by luck. They each have a formula for building wealth and they simply, steadfastly, stick to the formula.

Wealth creators grow their wealth by following a successful formula that consistently provides positive results; it can, therefore, be said that wealth creators are results-driven people, that is, that they are only interested in the results.

My next point is, that wealth creators know how to build an investment or business.

They have taken the time and effort to invest in themselves, so that they have the necessary knowledge and skills, in order to build a business or investment.

Lastly, wealth creators have the ability to make their money work for them- they do not have to work for their money.

This is another reason, why most people aren't wealth creators, as most people are only able to work for their money and are unable to make their money work for them.

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