Is it possible to go from debt to wealth?

Yes, it is possible to go from debt to wealth, although, it is not a simple or a quick process and will require, not only time, but a complete mind-shift, or change of thinking and actions. 

You cannot, however, go directly from debt to wealth. You first need to change your actions, in other words change your spending habits; only then can you pay-off your debt, or “break-even”, before you, ultimately, can start building wealth. 

Why I say this, is primarily because with debt comes interest and the further in debt you find yourself, the more the negative interest you have to pay off.  

That is why I refer to debt as a “debt-hole” and the deeper the hole becomes, the more people you find around you with shovels, helping you dig a deeper hole. 

You, therefore, first have to get rid of, not only your shovel, but of the surrounding shovels; the next step would be to exchange the shovels for a ladder, so that you are able to climb out of the “debt hole” and only once you are out of the “debt hole” can you start to create wealth. As you can see, this is a 3 STEP process. 

In order to understand my opening statement, you first need to understand that the system has programmed us from an early stage in life, to fall into the debt-trap and most people are simply following the script. 

This is the script that most people follow; 

  1. Go to school.

  2. Then go to college, or university.

  3. Get a job.

  4. With the job comes a good salary.

  5. Time to spend!

  6. Get a nice new car, new house, designer clothes, new furniture for the house, etc..

  7. Put all of these expenses on your credit cards – which I must add, is encouraged by the banks.

  8. You are now on the road to debt; in the debt-trap; in the “debt hole”.

  9. It doesn't, however, stop here – along comes the love of your life and soon you get married and have children – here is when your “debt car” suddenly turns into a racing car speeding along the “debt highway”!

  10. You buy a bigger house and start to pay for your children's education – all paid for on your credit cards, yes the same ones that your friendly banks encourage you to use!

By the time that you have reached stage 10 of the script, you are so deeply in debt that the need to hold on tighter to your job and the security that a monthly income provides you with, becomes of major importance in your life, just to be able to pay all the bills. 

My advise to you if you find yourself in this situation, is first and foremost, pay off your debt as quickly as possible. 

Once this has been done, unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier, as by now, you are dependent on the security of the monthly income that your job has provided you with. 

You cannot, however, build wealth by working in a job. 

You need to be able to build a business or investment, in order to build wealth. 

This, even more so than getting out of debt, is where you will require the time and complete mind-shift, or change of thinking and actions which I referred to at the start of this article. 

In some ways, getting out of debt, may be even easier than creating wealth. 

In order to create wealth, you need the knowledge and skill-sets of a wealth creator. 

Knowledge and skill-sets that are not taught at schools, universities, or business colleges. 

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