Discover what is wealth creation

If you would like to know what is wealth creation, you may be surprised at the answer to this question, as I am certain it is not the answer that you and many other people are expecting. 

Why I say this, is because most people view wealth only in financial and material terms, in other words, if a person has a lot of money, has a big house and an expensive car, people would automatically think of that person, as being wealthy. 

Why most people would think this, is because most people confuse having a lot of money, in other words, being rich, with being wealthy. 

Added to this, most people also confuse having many expensive material possessions, as being wealthy. 

While it may be true that there are wealthy people who have lots of money and many expensive material possessions – these are not the characteristics that make them wealthy! 

This is the major difference between being rich and being wealthy. 

By being rich, does not mean that a person is wealthy, although, almost all of the people who are wealthy, are also rich. 

Do you know the reason for this? 

The reason being, is that people who aim at becoming rich and who eventually become rich – do so, by focusing only on making money and by focusing only on making money, they neglect all of the other areas of their lives. 

Our lives are made up of many different spheres or aspects; there's financial, social, spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological aspects to each of our lives and each of these spheres need our attention – we therefore, need not only growth but also balance in our lives. 

People who are wealthy, unlike those who are only rich, focus and develop, all the different spheres in their lives and therefore, wealthy people have growth and balance in their lives. People who are only rich, have only financial growth, as they focus only on the financial sphere in their lives. 

To answer the question, what is wealth creation? 

Wealth creation is creating a life of abundance. 

Let me explain; it is only by focusing on growth and balance in all the different spheres in our life that we are able to create wealth, or a life of abundance. 

Having a life of abundance leads to a person's well-being, therefore, wealth can also be described, as well-being.

The real tragedy is that only a small percentage of the world's population will ever truly be able to experience a life of wealth and abundance, as most of the world's population does not know how to create financial wealth. 

The reason being, is that most people follow a system that cannot and will not, help you or allow you, to create financial wealth and a life of abundance. 

Therefore, most people only ever dream of the life and life-style that they desire; they never get to live it. 

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