How difficult is the creation of wealth?

The creation of wealth is not a difficult process, however, this does not mean that one should assume the process, to be easy. 

Like most things in life, it is not so much what one does, but more so, the way that one does it. 

For example; most people can play tennis and ride a bicycle, however, only a select few can play on the ATP professional tennis circuit, or, for that matter, ride in a Tour De France cycle race. 

If I had to break it down even further, I could say, that out of the select few to play tennis on the ATP professional circuit, only a handful of these tennis players may go on to win major tennis trophies. 

Likewise, out of the top professional cyclists to feature in Tour De France cycle races, only a select few will ever get to stand on the podium at the end of the race and even fewer of these riders will ever get to win the Tour De France. 

When it comes to creating wealth, just as in sport, there will be those who are better at it than we are and those who are not as good. The major difference, however, is that one does not have to be athletically gifted, or of a certain age group and physical strength, in order to create wealth. 

What one does, however, need, in order to stand out and excel in creating wealth; as compared to the top sportsmen and sportswomen; is the right knowledge and skill-sets, together with patience, perseverance and hard work. 

At this point, do not confuse 'trying to get rich', with 'creating wealth', as they have nothing in common. 

Let me explain; most people try to get rich, albeit unsuccessfully and out of the few who do manage to get rich, they wouldn't be able to tell you how they managed to do this, other than they 'took a gamble', 'got lucky', or they 'grabbed an opportunity', or maybe even, they 'crooked their way to riches' – most of these people land up losing most of their wealth anyway. 

These people are not and will never be, wealth creators! If you try to create wealth this way, you will not just find it difficult, it will be impossible! 

As I stated in the opening sentence, the creation of wealth is not a difficult process, however, this is if and only if, you are a wealth creator. 

Wealth creators follow simple, successful; principles, systems, structures, methods and formulas that are based on positive results. 

In my e-book The Road To Riches – How To Create True Wealth, I show you in the lessons; the principles, systems, structures, methods and formulas, used to create wealth! 

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