How To Succeed In Business

There are usually, hundreds, thousands, if not millions, of people constantly competing with us, if we are business-owners, self-employed, or employed and are trying to sell a product and/or service. We may, or may not, be aware of this, however, we cannot ignore this fact if we wish to succeed in our business. The success-to-failure rates, for example, of start-ups, are proof to this. Only a small percentage of start-up businesses, succeed. Those businesses that succeed are aware of this principle and apply it daily and therefore, have an immediate advantage over their competition.

Next, I will focus on the words, consumer-oriented.

People are constantly programmed to be in a consumer, get state-of-mind. In other words, how much can I get; what can I get and when can I get it.

The message I am conveying to you is; even though we are living in a western-based, consumer-oriented society, which programmes us to constantly want and in turn get products and/or services; to truly be successful in our business and fulfilled in our daily lives, we need to focus on giving rather than on getting, that way we will fulfill our needs and the needs of others and not, merely, our wants for things in our daily lives that, most of the time, we don’t need anyway.

The main principle, or message, that the blog on WARRIOR FORUM was conveying, was that of adding value. Here is the link to the blog This principle, to me, is of utmost importance if one wants to be successful in any business. Many businesses fail, because they add very little, if any value at all, to the customer. Most of these businesses are only in it for the money and are constantly looking to get, without giving much value, if any, back in return and they still wonder why they fail.

If you focus your business on adding value to your customers, you will be well on your way to becoming successful and a Wealth Creator.

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